A decade ago today I dropped everything and jumped head first into the unknown. Unhappy with the way things were going in my life, I knew a change needed to happen. I could not imagine spending the rest of my life in mediocrity, disliking my job, failing at love, and going to sleep each night feeling unfulfilled. As a dreamer of greatness, I decided to make a 180 degree turn that would change my life.

I moved to the city built on dreams, the city of Los Angeles.

LA began as a destination and over the years has become my home. Leaving my family and the life I had on the east coast for something new was both exciting and terrifying all at once, yet I never doubted myself. I knew deep within that I could; so I did. Take a journey into the center of fear and you know what you will find? Nothing.

Take a journey from the bottom of your heart and fill it to the top, you will find everything. I have been fortunate to find a career I’ve enjoyed, traveled the world and more importantly, found the love of my life (on a kickball field of all places). I can say that what comes next, can only be an added bonus to the life I’ve designed.

All rationale said to stay, although my heart screamed otherwise. I followed my dreams & my heart and never looked back. I have experienced a great many things, most of which may not have come my way had I stayed where I was. It hasn’t all been peachy, but knowing I am living the life I’ve dreamed of keeps me moving forward.

To dreams fulfilled and those yet to unfold, I say, onward.

By Nicholas Lucin

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