A New Year’s Resolution

January 15th came and went, and so did 92% of the people’s resolutions made just two weeks prior. Also, in case you missed it, January 17th was officially, “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day”.

Statistics show that only 8% of all people who set a New Year’s resolution actually stick with it. I have seen this first hand at the gym. The parking lot was packed the first week of the year and you could Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution”

The Best Shave of your Life!

No matter how rugged a man may be, the one thing that is essential in his life is a great shave.  There is no better way to make this possible than with a set of the proper tools, in addition to the proper shaving technique.  Knowing when to shave is also important. You can shave everyday if you have a light beard, although you may find that every Continue reading “The Best Shave of your Life!”