American Ninja Warrior

…And how I didn’t make it on the show.

I trained like Hell to get to the level of fitness that was necessary to accomplish all of the obstacles. I worked for an entire month on the best version of an audition submission video that I could produce. In-between working, traveling, family obligations, and the holidays, I was determined to make it.

Alas, it was not meant to be…this season.

Although I made it through the first round of approvals, I did not make it on the show. I knew what I wanted, yet I went in without expectations. The final decision needed to be an across the board approval by producers. Otherwise, such that it was, I’d be out of the running.

Despite not having made it on the show, I learned a lot in the process. That to me was a huge win.

I learned:

  1. I could reach out to friends and family for support and assistance, and they actually showed up! (something I have never known possible)
  2. How quickly I could get my body in prime condition even at the age of 35.
  3. The power behind turning motivation into action.
  4. How many barriers I was able to break, both mentally and physically.
  5. How to break through grief; I lost my grandfather and my younger brother in the same year.
  6. How inspiring I could be to those around me.

The process was something miraculous, and I will never forget the experience. Our failures can be our greatest teachers if we are open to the lessons. I was open to receiving it all, for which I am forever grateful.

The #gentlemanninja will return for another shot at the show next season!


By Nicholas Lucin

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lucin