The White Lie of Labor Day

Myth: You cannot wear white after Labor Day.

Truth: Wear whatever you want! This is your life.

This little white lie is one people have been telling for ages. Like many elements of this nature, the same people trying to enforce this don’t even know why or from where the so called “rule” originated.

There are many stories, most of which date back to the early – mid 20th century. “Old Money” social clubs supposedly established this rule, among many others, to separate themselves from the “New Money” &  “Middle Class”.

Wearing white from Memorial Day through to Labor Day, and not a day before or after, signified you were a part of the upper crust and on holiday. Wearing white after Labor Day communicated to others you were still on holiday, and even more importantly, not a part of the cool kids club.

Whatever the purported history, this rule is poppycock. Again, no one knows for certain where this ridiculous rule originated. Furthermore, no one needs to. Unless there is a strict dress code to the restaurant or club you are going to, wear what you are comfortable in at any time.

“Fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off.”

Rather than worry about the colors (or lack thereof) focus more on:


The weather/season is typically the best indicator of what fabrics should be worn. For example, linen is lightweight and perfect for staying cool on a hot summer day. Whereas, wool would be too warm, and better reserved for a cold winter day instead.


Your clothes should fit well and be comfortable. If your sleeve shoulder seams hang off your shoulders like many bad 90s styles, then consider going to the tailor or replacing the old rag for something better fitted to you. A tailored suit looks and feels much better than a boxy off the rack one.

Personal Taste

If you like it and you feel good wearing it, then own it. There’s a lot to be said about confidence, especially when it comes to how you present yourself to the world.

By Nicholas Lucin