Resolution: Check In

We are officially in it now…

The first month of the year has come and gone; have you? Did you begin working toward your goals? Did you stall or hit a wall? Did you give up entirely?

If you began working, are continuing on your journey, or accomplished a goal or goals, then I applaud your efforts and want to hear about what keeps you going. Congratulations!

If you haven’t started, you have stalled, or have given up, I invite you to regroup and get back in the game. What is it keeping you from doing what you want, accomplishing your life’s goals, or causing you to give up? There is only one answer and that is, the BS story you keep telling yourself.

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Later I will…
  • Tomorrow I will…
  • Next week I will…
  • When I get…
  • If I only had…then I could…
  • I don’t know how to…

Perhaps this sample internal conversation:

“I want X. It’s going to be a long hard road. You’re right, but I want it. It’s going to cost you. Yea, I don’t have enough. You’re going to get hurt. I don’t want that…probably better to stick to what I am doing, after all it’s not that bad. You can’t do it. Probably not, so why even try? I can save myself the embarrassment of failure.”

The truth is, many, if not all of us have these internal conversations, yet we are not conscious of them. We trick ourselves out of the things we want before we even try. The only way past these difficult conversations is finding our own truth. What is meant by that is, being honest with ourselves about what we really want. When we really want something bad enough, then giving up is not an option.

It really is that simple.

What if we instead changed the conversation to sound more like this:

I want X. It’s going to be a long hard road. I don’t care, I want it. It’s going to cost you. I want it bad enough, and the rewards will outweigh the cost. You’re going to get hurt. I’ve skid my knees before, and they’ve healed. You can’t do it. Watch me.

Gentleman in tailored suit with tie holding lapels with determination

Which side of the conversation do you sit on? The side that questions your every move or the side that pushes through with unbreakable determination?

To truly accomplish anything worthwhile, we have to work, and work hard. I know, I know, so many books and movies and people telling you that working hard is not the answer. All you have to do is want it, and it will appear. That information only comes from people who have worked really hard to get to where they are so they could then begin working smarter, not harder. You are not entitled to rewards without the work, no one is.

Man and Woman holding each other in front of Tour D'Eiffel in Paris, France

If you want that job, that body, that business, that person, or whatever, you are going to have to put in the work. Doing nothing is still doing something, but that kind of something amounts to more nothing. Trying and failing will get you further than if you never tried at all. You will be one step further by giving your something a shot, rather than doing nothing at all.

Man with muscles lifting dumbbells

You have the capability to accomplish whatever you want, but you need to get started. Take that first step and get moving. Action sparks motivation, not the other way around. Let’s get moving.


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by Nicholas Lucin

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