The Next Level Valentine’s Day

It is that time again! Lovers exchanging their affections with one another through cards and gifts they don’t necessarily need. What if instead of exchanging items, you made memories for life? Let’s explore some of the most creative Valentine’s Day ideas to take it all to the next level…

When overpriced roses, dinners, and cheesy heart shaped chocolate boxes are all too cliché, here are the Top 5 exciting ideas for all couples, and even singles to explore:

Do it Together

Mind out of the gutter for a moment…invite your significant other to share the experience of cooking at home with you. If you planned a fun dinner out, then try out finishing the evening dipping strawberries in chocolate together. Nothing says romance more than homemade treats made with one another.

Couple laughing holding signs that say, "I love her" and "I love him"

Share an Experience

Take a cooking class and learn something new with your partner. Even if you flub the entire experience, at least you will leave with some great laughs! Make sure to book ahead of time to ensure you get a spot in the kitchen.

Couple cooking together being goofy


Go on a wine bar crawl! Whether you have a Valentine or are looking for one, here is your chance to shake up this old holiday with something new. You may even find some spots in town you didn’t know existed until now. Remember to drink responsibly and always designate a driver. With so many options for transportation (ie Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Bus, DD, Walking, etc.), there is no reason you can’t enjoy this experience without a DUI.

Couple Smiling at one another over drinks

Try Something New

Never been ice skating? Always wanted to dance, but have two left feet? Take your date to the local rink or dance studio. Stir things up with an unexpected experience for you both. It can be fun, terrifying, but most of all, memorable. Who cares if you have never done either in your life. There is no time like the present to try something new, and showing your vulnerability can be quite romantic. Even if you end up on your butt, laugh it off and look to the future when you can both look back on the experience with a giggle.

Couple ice skating; girl falling into man's arms

Do Something Thrilling

Ok, so skydiving may be a bit extreme, but there are other things that can thrill you just the same while safely on the ground. If you are looking for something fun and out of the ordinary, look no further than an escape room or a murder mystery dinner. These are two events for this special day that force you and your Valentine to work together. Nothing promotes bonding more than teamwork. Finding clues and solving puzzles are not only fun, they can be romantic.

Separate puzzle pieces being put together by loving couple

Regardless of what you do, the most important thing to remember is to have fun. Valentine’s Day is not about the gifts, rather, the memories you make while enjoying yourself and the company you invite to share the fun with you. Give a rose, share some chocolate, but remember to make it your own.

Couple gift giving, man behind other man holding hand over eyes with surprise gift

Have a great idea yourself? Share with the community and put it in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Nicholas Lucin