The Holiday Shopping Guide

Looking for the best holiday deals can seem daunting, so here’s a quick guide to get you through the season.

Keeping Your Sanity

Crazy drivers, crazy shoppers, crazy family, crazy deals…the holiday shopping season is simply riddled with craziness. When others are in a rush, not paying attention, stressed, or simply being rude, remember that knowledge (as always) will be your guide.

  1. Make a list of people to buy for
  2. Manage your wallet by setting a budget…then add 10%
  3. Remain Calm; Breathe
  4. Can’t stand crowds, shop online
  5. Enjoy yourself

The Hottest Deals

Almost every retailer out there will have some kind of promotion this holiday season. Whether online or in store, you are sure to find a deal! Some of my favorites include:

  1. – Best for any gift
  2. BestBuy – Best for electronics
  3. Banana Republic –  Best for Attire

Gentleman Gift Guide

Take the hassle out of gift giving by keeping it simple. Whether you are buying for someone special or have a list of people receiving gifts, first, make a list, then set a budget. Electronics are going to be huge this holiday season, but if that doesn’t please your pocket, then try some of these low cost, yet great gift ideas:

  1. Gift Cards – Stores, Restaurants, Amazon, American Express, etc.
  2. Shaving/DOPP Kit
  3. Manicure Kit
  4. Beard Trimmer
  5. Small Electronics (i.e. portable charger)

Gift shopping and gift giving should be fun and easy events. If they are stressful, remember to take a break and then get back to it. You don’t have to break the bank either. Setting a budget will help you focus on getting only what is necessary without going overboard. Adding 10% to your total budget will alleviate the stress of any overspending. If you’re considering whether to over spend, remember that you won’t win anyone over for the long term by buying them things. You will however, win their hearts by making it meaningful.

If you are having trouble finding the right gift at the right price, make sure to e-mail me at [email protected]

Happy Holidays!

Nicholas Lucin