The Holiday Weight is Over

Gentleman, as we head into the holiday feeding frenzy, remember one thing…

Be kind to yourself.

As we gather round with those we love to celebrate these joyous occasions, it should come as no surprise that we will be tempted by many a decadent meal and/or treat this holiday season. From Turkeys to Soul smothered chicken to Brownies to Pies to Rugelach, etc. our wills may undoubtedly be tested.

Again, it is important to remember when we are confronted with these tests, that we are kind to ourselves in our responses. The mental games are the worst around the holidays. Everything from guilt to shame to fear are looking to attack you…and probably will. If you want to know the best ways to defend yourself against this, here is a short list to keep your mind bulletproof and your gut thanking you:

Holiday Eating Survival Guide:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally ahead of time
  2. Give yourself an “allowance”
  3. Believe in yourself

1 Preparing yourself means being realistic with your goals this holiday season. Recognize your past behavior, then consider how you would like to respond, and finally, make that your actual response. There is so much power in the word, NO.

2 Give yourself an allowance by going through your mental catalogue of all the wonderful things you enjoy. Then, set limits on how much of each thing you will allow yourself to indulge. Restricting yourself is the worst thing you can do, so be realistic and honest with yourself about your acceptable limitations, then, enjoy.

Ex. If you know you will be tempted by certain foods or drinks then either A, Sit at home with the lights off avoiding everyone or B, acknowledge past behavior, consider your goals, and then split the difference by setting a reasonable limit you can be proud of.

3 Believe in yourself. You are setting these intentions for a reason, so make it count. You can do it! These small wins add up to something larger down the line. Lest I not mention the confidence you will inspire in yourself.

What is your Holiday food weakness? Share in the comments.

If you need an accountability partner, E-mail me: [email protected] I’ll be there with that extra encouragement!

Happy Holidays!

by Nicholas Lucin