10 Best Tips for (WFH) Working From Home

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe at home!

If you’re working from home, I have a few pointers for those of you who are either new to the idea and/or don’t know how.

This information comes to you from a guy who’s worked remote for the past 10 years and has made everything from his home, airports, hotel rooms, random hallways, airplanes, cars,  etc all his mobile office.

Here you go:

1. Dedicate a small space in your home specifically for work and work alone! Don’t setup on your bed or your couch – you’ll be a little too tempted to nap or zone out watching the tube.

2. Communication is key and should be doubled! Reach out to employees, employers, co-workers regularly. Ask questions, share your knowledge. Keeping information to yourself doesn’t help anyone, especially not you.

3. Learn the art of multi-tasking. Do your laundry, wash your dishes, and make your food. These are things that no longer have to wait until the weekend.

4. Take breaks. Get up, walk around, or simply stretch.

5. Call your mother! You can still get your work done while you talk.

6. Learn the art of freedom & responsibility. I teach this to all my employees who work remote. You have new freedoms working from home, but they are huge responsibilities and everyone will notice when you take advantage.

7. Respond to your e-mails, phone calls, and chats promptly. You’re not on vacation, you’re simply in a comfortable place where your discipline is paramount.

8. Save the Netflix and chill for after working hours.

9. More is expected of you! Be a professional, even in your sweatpants.

10. Enjoy the experience, you may be here for a while!

11. Bonus: Do not take conference calls from the bathroom! You wouldn’t do it in the office, so don’t do it at home.

Do you have any other pointers to add?

by Nicholas Lucin