What makes a Gentleman?

Here, we explore this age old question through definitions and insights.


An adult human male.

Doesn’t get much simpler than that. Nothing defines a man more than a rightful age (depends on culture) and specification of gender. Unfortunately, many a man will simply allow physical makeup to determine who and what they are. Little effort is put into personal development, personal health, or external awareness. Sports are typically at the forefront of thought and drink of choice is often beer. Because they are defined by their reproductive organ, most thoughts begin and end at the penis.


“A chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.”

A Gentleman works from the inside-out. His journey begins in his heart, continues to his mind, which then extends to a well groomed exterior. Time spent grooming is time well spent. Attire is selected and worn according to personal style and preference. He is always conscious and respectful of others, and mannerly even in times of stress. Motivations and Inspirations are followed up by Action. His word is solid and behavior is often calm, cool, and collected. Knowledge is acquired and shared without condescension. Thoughts begin and end with the best interest of all parties involved and drink of choice is whatever he prefers. Beware the Gentleman for he may just inspire you to become a better person.


A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

Similar in appearance to a Gentleman, a Dandy is well dressed, manicured, and coifed. The main difference is that this kind of man is solely dedicated to his exterior appearance without much, if any care or awareness for what is within himself. Awareness of those around him is nearly non-existent as well. His behavior is that of quick temper and anger. A Dandy cannot handle tough situations and often approaches them without care of any short/long term effects. He respects only himself, but from the outside-in. Thoughts always circle back to himself and drink of choice is whatever he thinks others believe he should be drinking.


“A conceited dandy who is overly impressed by his own accomplishments.”

Another man who is similar to that of the Gentleman (in appearance only) is the Cockscomb. However, this kind of man takes the Dandy to a whole new level. The Cockscomb cares only about himself. His looks and his accomplishments are specifically crafted for the purpose of self adulation. This is yet another example of a man with a quick temper, anger issues, lack of self confidence, shaming (internal & external), and extreme vulnerabilities brought about by a highly sensitive, over inflated ego, as well as a heightened level of self importance. Thoughts begin and end with himself, and drink of choice is often whatever is popular at the moment.

In conclusion, to answer the age old question, the making of a Gentleman is a life of work dedicated to the art. Through a series of mistakes, failures, lessons, and accomplishments, internal growth expands, whereby the external becomes the physical representation of the sum of all those internal parts. It’s easy to put on fancy clothes and declare oneself a Gentleman. However, a Gentleman is not defined by his clothes, rather, by his actions. All the money in the world cannot buy class, that comes from within, and is earned respectfully. To live the life, you have to be the life.

Thoughts? Objections? Comments?


by Nicholas Lucin