Live Your Best Life!

Or get stuck existing in a life someone else wants for you.

Either way, this is a choice you make. If you have ever said, “I have lived a tough life, people have been mean to me, I grew up poor, I was bullied, I don’t have enough, my parents or family did not support me, when things get just right then I will take the plunge…” and so on, then it is time to stop believing these excuses and start believing in yourself.

I have some news to share with you that you are not going to like; no one cares.

Living as a victim allows life to walk all over you. It is a choice to live this way. No one wants to hear of the victim’s struggle, especially if they do not want to put forth any effort to change their situation. People want to hear of the victor’s triumph over their struggles, not complaints.

It is time now to stop living your life this way. It is time now to find the lion within and move on from your past. Eliminate the emotions you have associated to those memories. Break free of the chains you have shackled yourself to.

Take some time to connect with yourself and listen to the voice within. Yes, you have a voice in your head and no, you are not crazy. Realize that the only voice in there is your own. Change the conversation and start living as the champion of your own life!

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. It does not take any more energy for you to live the life you want than it does to exist in the life you are living. The energy you are expending now is the same energy you need to make the life of your dreams a reality. Most people complain about their situation, yet will do nothing to change it. You are not most people.

It is so much easier to blame others and make excuses as to why you are not where you want to be than it is to take action to live your life as you intend.

That same energy, if directed in the opposite direction would allow you to live the life you want instead of the one you are given. You have the power to do so and it all starts with a choice. In taking this first step, you will show yourself that you care. And, with that, others will as well. No one else will care until you do.

You know what you want, now go out and get it. You know what you are made of, now go out and prove it to yourself. Turn that fear, shame, anger or whatever is holding you back into something positive. Allow the lion to come out from within to make all the positive changes you seek and live your Best life!

Nicholas Lucin