Today I rode 65 of the toughest miles I have ever ridden. It’s not that the route was difficult, it was that my legs were burning, my mind felt unprepared and the weather was uncertain.

At mile 7 the voice within tried convincing me that maybe I should just do a short ride and then go home. I truly considered it. As I continued up this long and winding hill, the battle between the thinker and the observer led me to one decision; quitting was not an option. I still had 58 miles to go and I wasn’t ready to just throw in the towel.

I pushed through, reminding myself what I dubbed this year (2017: No Excuses) and no matter how much it hurt, I was going to continue moving onward. I was going to finish this ride even if it meant crawling back to the door.

4 hours, 65 miles and 3,500 burned calories later, I arrived home. I was in pain, although my mind felt still. Above all, I persevered!
There is no greater feeling than that of accomplishment, especially when we are challenged, furthermore, when we challenge ourselves.

We all encounter rough times and in those times we are given two options: quit or keep moving forward.

Rocky once said, “It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward…that’s how winning is done.”

When was the last time you felt like giving up, but kept moving onward?

by Nicholas Lucin