You’ve been lied to over the last decade.

It’s probably closer to 2 decades, but, you have been lied to nonetheless. In the self-help realm, people have been spewing the importance of “showing up” and how it is the most important part of your life’s process. Unfortunately, this mindset has messed up many generations of people, especially Millenials (it’s no wonder their mascot is the sloth).

The idea or notion that simply “showing up” is the secret sauce, is complete BS. Sure, that is a part of the battle, though it is merely the first part of the process of living a truly successful life.

I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard people saying, “I am here.” never truly understanding what comes next. These people find themselves somewhere, not having prepped for anything more. These people simply “show up” or “arrive”, and then fail to make any progress in their lives because they have been told that was all they had to do.

Now, I may sound as though I am contradicting myself, but I encourage you to show up where you need to. I then dare you to take the necessary next steps to move forward in the process…Part 2, do the work. Once you get started doing the work, I then dare you again to move on to the next step, Part 3, maintain.

Do you give up or quit when things get difficult? Do you complain about how hard something is and then try passing or writing it off so you don’t have to take any responsibility?

If this is you, then “I triple dog dare you” to take on the challenge I am proposing. This is your life. Ask yourself, do I simply want to arrive or do I want to thrive?

If you want to simply show up or arrive, that’s fine, but do everyone a favor and move over so the right people get the opportunities they deserve. If you want to thrive you will have to do more than just show up somewhere. You must do the work, you must make sacrifices, you must learn to fail. This is all a part of the process, and the biggest part of maintaining your course toward success.

Sample Process: Set Goal. Show Up. Do the work. Fail. Do more work. Fail. Do it again, differently. Succeed. Thrive.

This is what maintaining is all about, consistency. Whatever it is you endeavor, keep working at it. Fear holds us all back. Although, diving in and facing off 1:1, you will find the truth about fear…it does not exist.

Let go of all preconceived notions that merely showing up is what will save you, because it won’t. Chart a course, even a rough one, then get out there and start working hard and smart to make the progress you see for yourself.

You can do it!

by Nicholas Lucin