The Dapper Man


  • 1aneat and trim in appearance
  • 1bvery spruce and stylish
  • 2alert and lively in movement and manners
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Malo po Malo

If there’s one thing travel does for you, it is, expose you to the varied cultures of the world. If there’s one thing you are exposed to by traveling to the country of Croatia, it is,  Continue reading “Malo po Malo”


As I look in the mirror today, I see a face I’ve known all my life. It’s the one that’s been staring back at me for the past 3.6 decades. When I think about age, I can’t help but realize that Continue reading “36”

On Grief

We pulled away from the curb, headed to the airport, my father was driving and I was seated behind him. His girlfriend was the front passenger and my wife was seated behind her and next to me in the backseat. I smiled Continue reading “On Grief”