On Motivation

Motivation alone, is in a word, bullshit.


Motivation is free flowing, but it’s the action that follows it that makes all the difference. I can sit and write about all the things I want all day long. However, if I don’t do anything to accomplish any of them, I cannot expect there to be any results.

You can have all the motivation in the world, but without action none of it matters.

That book, that screenplay, that painting, that burned out light bulb that needs changing, that annoying spot on the mirror from the last time you flossed (and, no you don’t floss enough), and any other idea, rather, motivation in your head; what have you done to complete any of it?

Nothing will get started if you don’t.

So many people declare the things they are going to do, but less than half ever accomplish more than talking about their great ideas. I, too, was one of those people. The worst part is that similar to the others, I was upset when I didn’t see results.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and looked at how many times I was motivated to do things and how many times I actually acted on that motivation. It was infuriating, but the only person I had to be upset with was myself. I knew I had to get out of my own way if I wanted to accomplish anything.

I started small and eventually set my sights on the larger goals. I began with little things like the home projects I mentioned earlier. I decided for one hour I was going to first observe my thoughts to see what motivations hit me and then I would act on them immediately.

From the light bulbs to the mirror, I fixed the things that were seemingly insignificant, yet lingered longer than they should have. I stopped thinking so much about my motivations, and instead, I acted on them. Over time, these micro-wins added up and I developed a new habit. Getting the little things done and out of the way made it that much easier to focus on the larger goals.

Side note: It is truly amazing what you can accomplish in an hour.

I took the motivation within me that was just sitting around, wasting away, and I put it to work, which made all the difference. I even floss more, too.

How has action turned your motivation and inspiration into the results you want for yourself? I would love to know. E-mail me: nicholas@bestgentleman.com

by Nicholas Lucin